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Leadership development for tech teams

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Result-focused executive coaching, engaging team workshops, bespoke off sites & targeted leadership development designed for growth-oriented leaders and forward thinking organizations

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Leadership development for tech teams

To gain confidence in your team, reclaim your piece of mind, and rediscover the joy of leadership & growth, explore our services to find the perfect starting point for you👇

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What We Offer

Leadership development for tech teams
1-1 Executive Coaching for Leaders in Tech | Individual coaching is a 6-month 1-to-1 experience where we deep dive into the individual needs, goals, and results.

1-1 Executive Coaching

It does not have to be lonely at the top, we help you navigate the muddy waters of leadership

Leadership Team Off-Sites

A few days at well- facilitated offsite can be exactly what you need to restore alignment, foster breakthroughs and strengthen team’s bond. 

We design and facilitate team gatherings that drive conversations that matter and prove to be a profound investment in your team and business, not fleeting moments of bonding, superficial chatter or same old unproductive kumbaya!

“I was most impressed with the prep time that went into setting up our meetings [2-Day Executive Offsite] so we could effectively use our time together. The various exercises built on one another in a logical and thoughtful manner so that we progressed and grew together.”

"I've seen more progress on the (executive) team in the last 6 months (after the offsite) than in the past 12 years."

These events are customized, co-created with a specific design for every team. They can be held onsite or offsite, virtually or in-person. 

Team Coaching for Tech Teams | Team coaching starts with a 3-month engagement, including several offsites group meetings, and 1-1 coaching. This is a group journey into both the collective and individual needs, goals, and results.
Moving fast and empowering teams has no space for politics, functional silos and egos. We help accelerate team cohesion, productive сonversations, clarity and commitment or alignment.
Team Training We offer a variety of training opportunities for tech teams, including our Leader in Tech 12 month Academy, Emotional Intelligence Curriculum, and craft specific trainings around OKR, North Star Metric, Product Discovery, and Delivery processes.

Team Development

Teams that learn together, win together!

Leadership Development Program: Our team-based applied leadership development program is designed to increase the capacity of your team. It leverages the power of evidence-based training, 1-1 coaching and peer-based learning with a focus of the collective and individual goals. Results will show up in your organization!


Team Effectiveness Workshops:

“Nataliya was able to create a very warm and open environment for our team during her workshop. We were able to go beyond our day-to-day objectives to step back and focus on our big picture ambitions. I was also impressed at the willingness of our team members to share their perspectives and feelings during the session.”

Speaking & Workshops

Inspire your team, organization or community with our thought provoking, highly interactive and practical workshops and keynote. 

“Motivational. Safe. Inclusive”

“Very well conducted session. Mind blowing”

“Nataliya is an authentic and captivating facilitator who uses humour and data very effectively. Combined with her vulnerability, she easily put both in-person and virtual participants at ease. Coming out of the workshop, I remind myself to reframe my thinking into “helpful vs. unhelpful” instead of “right or wrong”, and this has already helped me shift towards more constructive thought patterns. I would highly recommend Nataliya to other individuals or organizations who are looking to connect with someone genuine and caring!!”

What Makes Our Approach Different

Leadership development for tech teams

Data-Driven & Value-Focused

We speak accountability and impact like no others. We eliminate any guesswork by doing a comprehensive discovery process, and measuring our progress. Our goal is to create a solution that maximizes your ROI!

Work at All Levels

While we love to start at the top, we help engage the middle management leadership and empower individual teams though off-sites and workshops on both soft and hard skills & practices.

Hands-on Experience

While we are educated in executive & life coaching, master & agile facilitation, positive psychology and neuroscience, our team all have hands-on experience working on the ground.

Industry-Leading Tools

We utilize the most effective tools as they emerge whether it is for coaching, team building or creating management structure. Reach out to get samples of any assessments or details about the frameworks we use.

Co-Created with You

We don't purely consult, we co-create and build momentum with your team, so everyone is part of the solution. Our facilitation services allow you to create solutions for your organizations without outsourcing your brains!

Flexible Formats

We meet you were you are with - Keynotes, Training, Workshops, Offsites, Facilitation. Coaching, and Advisory

Our experience & attention allow us to co-create experiential, modern solutions that leverage the unique expertise of your team

Customers reviews

What Client’s Say

Leadership development for tech teams
“While working with Nataliya this year, I was going through a major transformation professionally, shifting into a senior role. I deeply appreciated Nataliya's ability to support me in this change, from the details on handling specific evolving relationships to addressing core challenges I've had around perfectionism and imposter syndrome. Depending on my needs, we leveraged several tools. Being able to meet me where I was showed Nataliya's wide range of strengths, and her personal style that was both direct and supportive, worked very well for me. The outcome of this work has been more than a successful transition into my new role, laying a solid foundation for future professional growth”
Christina Royce
Head of product, square hardware
"Nataliya Becker is an excellent meeting facilitator and coach. Her mix of professional experience and deeply insightful advice is highly valuable for leadership teams and individuals at all levels. I have always come out of her sessions feeling positive about what has been accomplished."
Jim Mortko
SVP, Technology, hearst magazines
"I would recommend this program to any team that values the power of functioning as ONE unit with a goal towards collaboration and success."
John Null
HRO, CDS Global
I've been to a number of such workshops before and I particularly enjoyed Nataliya's session. How she structured it, the workbook that comes with it and the way she runs was awesome. She also has such a positive energy and she could keep a very large audience engaged throughout the session! Took a lot away and I will implement it to my life straight away
Buket Holzemann
Director, RBC

Founder & CEO

Hello 👋 I’m Nataliya Becker, an ICF certified coach, master facilitator, and the driving force behind BeckerLeadership.

My entrepreneurial journey started from diverse leadership roles in financial services and technology sectors. Having led a coaching business focused on stress reduction through resilience programs, I realized the pivotal role of effective leadership. No amount of personal resilience can compensate for dysfunctional leadership. 

Focus of BeckerLedareship is enhancing leadership and leadership team effectiveness, creating profound ripples of positive change in organizations and lives.

At BeckerLeadership, we embody a multidisciplinary, data-informed, and result-focused approach. My warm, no-BS style and core values of integrity, impact, and love guide our solutions.I collaborate with a collective of trusted coaches, facilitators, trainers, and advisors who bring hands-on leadership experience and thought leadership to the table.

I find immense joy in understanding your world and crafting high-impact solutions. Reach out anytime for a chat!

With love 🩶


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Leadership development for tech teams
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