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Seven Real Benefits of Leadership Team Offsites (And How to Know You Need One)

Thinking about an offsite for your leadership team? 

Offsites are so much more than just a break from the office (not to mention that they can be onsite!) Here’s how an offsite could be transformative for your team and how to tell if it’s time to start planning one. 


  1. Building Stronger Team Bonds

Nothing brings a team together like stepping out of the usual office routine, having a meal together and investing in building trust. Offsites offer a unique setting for your team to connect on a deeper level, breaking down barriers that are hard to tackle in a conference room. Trust is the foundation of effective teamwork and collective results, but many teams assume trust just happens in casual water cooler conversations. It does not. You must build the right type of trust and in an intentional way. Offsite is the best way I have seen to date. 

2. Uninterrupted Strategic Focus 

Daily operations and fire fighting often leave little room for strategic thinking. At an offsite, your team can focus solely on strategic goals without the usual interruptions. Remember though to design your time for brainstorming and planning that incorporates different ways of thinking and engaging and has time for ideas to diverge and converge. 

  1. Recharging Creativity and Motivation

If you need an increase in creativity or motivation, then you need a change of scenery away from the usual office. Think about introducing elements that stimulate creativity on neurological and physiological levels, like nature and play. 

  1. Faster Problem-Solving

Offsites are the perfect setting for tackling piled-up issues with all decision-makers present. Pre-vote on discussion topics and prepare necessary information in advance to ensure efficient and effective problem-solving sessions. Don’t forget to review all of the decisions to ensure clarity (no time for assumptions and misinterpretations!) 

  1. Getting Everyone Aligned

Can everyone on your team recite your vision, strategic goals and tell the story behind it? Imagine your relief when they can. Suddenly, you’re not the only one tooting the horn; you can actually take that vacation, confident that the team is keeping things marching forward. Offsite allows the precious space and time for everyone to be part of creating the story, especially if you spend time debating important decisions, and everyone walks away with clarity and genuine buy-in towards the actions. 

  1. Enhancing Team Accountability

Regularly scheduled offsites, such as on a quarterly basis, establish a rhythm of accountability and progress review. These gatherings serve as milestones where teams can set, review, and adjust goals, openly discuss achievements and areas for improvement, and re-commit. This rhythm not only keeps the team on track but also reinforces the commitment to collective and individual goals. 

  1. Improving Team Dynamics

Design offsites to address specific challenges or to leverage team strengths.If you notice your team sidestepping crucial discussions, either collectively or individually, or if they’re unnecessarily pulling in a leader, it’s a strong sign that your team dynamics could use some fine-tuning.Utilizing neutral tools like Everything DiSC, Working Genius or the Five Behaviors can kickstart meaningful conversations and skill development. 


So, Do You Need an Offsite?


Here are a few signs it might be time:

  • Your team feels disconnected or siloed.
  • Strategic planning keeps getting bumped for daily tasks.
  • The team’s energy and motivation have seen better days.
  • You’re stuck on a problem without a clear path forward.
  • There’s a gap between current activities and your big-picture goals


If any of these ring true, an offsite could be just what your team needs to find their footing and momentum again. Remember, the best offsites are tailored to your team’s specific needs and dynamics, focusing on outcomes that matter to you.

Considering an offsite? 

My two-pager Offsite Strategy Tool can help you decide the why, what, who, and how of your offsite in under 30 minutes. Opt for a quick, no-obligation call with me to work through it together, or go DIY with my 15-minute masterclass.

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