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Connected Teams Move Mountains, Together

Team gatherings with us transform your conversations, your team and your business

I've seen more progress in the last 6 months (since the offsite) than in the past 12 years on our (executive) team 🙌
—a participant in a team offsite to their CEO

Do any of these statements describe your team?

Ready to plan your next team gathering together?

At BeckerLeadership, we understand intricacies of teams, and we offer bespoke offsites and team effectiveness workshops designed to provide a profound return on your investment in your team and business.

Our design process is meticulous and all-encompassing to ensure we are addressing the right goals with the right tools, where everyone feels part of the process.

  • Before


    Co-Creation: We collaborate with the meeting sponsor and attendees, conducting interviews and gathering feedback along the way, fostering a sense of ownership from the onset. 

    Preparation: A pre-work plan is developed, incorporating relevant materials, assessments, and readings, starting the work early and setting the stage for meaningful discussions

  • During


    Engaging Experience: Spanning 0.5 to 3 days, our offsites blend learning modules, team exercises, and discussions to achieve objectives.

    Expert Facilitation: Guided by experienced facilitators, our sessions ensure every voice is heard, maintaining energy levels and achieving desired results. 

    Psychological Safety: We are consistently praised for creating a brave space so that all the critical topics are brought to the table

    Accountability: No loose ends; we uphold accountability, leaving no stone unturned, ensuring every conversation contributes to tangible outcomes.

  • After


    Sustainment: We conduct debrief sessions, reviewing offsite outcomes, checking progress, and addressing questions to sustain momentum.

    Support: We offer executive coaching, team coaching and  development to ensure results from the offsite are lasting.

Our clients realize tremendous benefits

Strategic Alignment

Gain clarity on the vision, define ready-to-execute strategic priorities and mobilize your team

Enhanced teamwork

Understand, diagnose and address team dysfunctions, enhance trust and develop better communication protocols

Higher Productivity

 Align roles and projects with the talents and skills on your team ensuring efficiency and highest contribution & morale

We use industry leading frameworks and assessments

What Our Clients Say

Leadership development for tech teams
"Nataliya was able to create a very warm and open environment for our team during her workshop. We were able to go beyond our day-to-day objectives to step back and focus on our big picture ambitions. I was also impressed at the willingness of our team members to share their feelings during the session.”
Eric Tyndale
AVP Marketing & Sales,DUUO by Co-operators
"Nataliya helped us design a team offsite that was hugely impactful & accelerated our desired results. She demonstrated an unparalleled thoughtfulness for creating psychologically safe and caring learning and ideas exchange.This was the glue and ultimately inspiration for change on our product and design team during a very difficult time.”
Jeremy Bailey
VP of Experience Design and Research, Thinkific
Nataliya was an excellent facilitator who led our executive team through a self-discovery process that revealed a better understanding of each other as individuals and contributors to a team. We grew a lot from this session and we're much better for it!
David Simons
Managing director, the argus group
“Expertly guided to an incredibly successful end which exceeded our expectations and was very well received by the teams. Our facilitator Nataliya was so easy to work with and provided a driving force to reach our tight deadlines. She brought great insights that we had not thought of. Highly recommended!”
David Swift
SVP, Technology, Hearst Media

A few days at a well-facilitated offsite can be exactly what you need to restore alignment, foster breakthroughs and strengthen your team's bond.

Get in touch now to discuss your next team gathering, and I will ensure you receive maximum ROI!